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Pinterest Partayy: DIY Dining Room Table

Over on the home blog,What the Graham, they posted a New Year’s Challenge where you find a project you want to complete on Pinterest, get like Nike and JUST DO IT! It took me a little longer than the original deadline to post it (even though I completed the project a long time ago), but here it is.

This beautiful table lives in my “Home Design Shizzle” Pinterest board:

I just loved the rustic, yet modern feel to it. My condo has sort of a log cabin-y thing going on, so I wanted to give it a go. Plus, if it could save me hundreds of dollars by NOT buying a dining room table, why not? On the Apartment Therapy inspiration post they used reclaimed wood so they had to remove nails, clean the wood, and debuggify it (<—y’all will learn that I love to make up words). But I didn’t want to do that. So I hightailed it right on over to Home Depot for my supplies.

My wood + my dog Armani

First, I put my 4, 8 ft. 1×10 boards down on the floor and tried to line them up on the ends.

Then I cut some 1×2 down (with a handsaw) into 3 strips and attached them with about 4 wood screws for each one.

Then I assembled THESE  $10 IKEA table legs and attached them with wire clamp fasteners I found in the electrical aisle at Home Depot.

Flip the table over and voilà, magic. I thought I wanted to keep the integrity of the wood, so here I applied a light grey stain on the top and instantly hated it.

Sooooo, I found a sample of some Behr paint I had lying around called Red Jalapeno. Still thinking I wanted the wood grain to show through, I watered the paint down and applied it. When it dried it turned into this NEON ORANGE mess. No, I can’t be havin’ that in my house. Nawl.

BOOM!  There it is honeys!! I went and got two samples of another Behr color called Delicious Berry (uhm…or Berry Delicious, I can’t remember) and I love it. I used the paint at full strength (not watered down) so there isn’t any wood grain showing and I’m fine with that. It looks really great. I love it.

So that’s it. That’s my DIY dining room table. The only thing I really don’t like about it is I picked 1-by wood, I think I should’ve gotten thicker 2-by wood instead. I’m sure one day I’ll get tired of it and want to buy a real “grown-up” table. But for now, this table is awesome.


Fix scratches with WALNUTS?

Somewhere in the interwebs I read that if you rub walnuts over scratches in wood, the scratches will disappear…How? Why? *shrugs* I don’t know, but I thought I’d give it a try. So a couple of days ago, I ordered walnuts in my salad and took a couple out to bring home and “walnut” my hardwood floor (do not chuckle at my money-saving methods of DIYing). See, in the middle of sliding my bookcases to the wall, I didn’t notice a small staple on the floor. It got trapped underneath and scratched the entire hell out of my floor. The shriek of horror that filled my condo….OMG. I shudder every time I pass by it. Ugh. So here’s the process:

The scratches BEFORE "walnutting." See 'em?

My magic walnuts....After I took all the *ahem* salad dressing off. -_-

In action! Just rubbing the walnut over the scratches.

AFTER!! So the scratches are still there (they didn't magically disappear) but they are hardly noticeable! BOOM!

Still don’t know why or how it works…but while I was rubbing the walnuts on the scratches, a combination of walnut oil and walnut meat (uhh, is that what it’s called?) sort of filled in the scratches. I’m no scientist (OBVIOUSLY), but maybe it has something to do with that. Either way it gets a BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE from me!  *fireworks*

Do y’all have any other wood scratch mending tips?


After-Christmas Christmas Haul

Yep, it’s January 12th and I’m still thinking about Christmas. Shopping for Christmas, that is!! I ordered HELLA (read: a lot of) ornaments recently from Home Depot. This box contains $260 worth of ornaments and other Christmas accoutrement, like a tree topper, that I bought for just $58. I found that I really like Martha Stewart’s line of ornaments. They are classy and trendy at the same time—a difficult feat! There is nothing better than getting a deal on stuff you know you’re going to need in the future.

My Christmas goodies!

In addition to this box, I got loads of Christmas wrapping paper from Kohls, Target, and World Market. World Market is a awesome place for ethnic-patterned wrapping paper. I was in heaven when I went there.

The first 4 rolls on the left are from World Market. The patterns are BEAUTIFUL!!!

I also got this awesome doormat from Target that I kinda want to put out now! *giggles*

This is something I'd see at someone else's front door and say, "That's so cute!"

I know y’all are thinking…WAIT! Tracie…do you even have a tree? BOOM!!!

My 9' Foot Pre-Lit Christmas Tree from Lowe's (picture swiped from Lowe'

I sure do!  I drove all the way to Lowe’s in Schererville, Indiana (about 40 minutes away from Chicago) to purchase this 9-foot, pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. Originally priced $350, I paid $78 (includes tax). It was 80% OFF!!! I really don’t know how tall the ceilings are in my condo—I tried to throw a measuring tape up to the ceiling and the highest I could get it before the tape fell over and I gave up  was 11’8″. There was still a good bit of space left so I’m gonna “guesstimate” and say I have 12.5 or 13 foot ceilings. So this 9-foot tree won’t look like a behemoth in my living area. It’ll look AMAZEBALLS.

The only things I still need to buy are garland and wreaths for my fireplace and front entryway. I saw some good garland deals at Michaels recently. And I totally think I can DIY a wreath. (I smell a future project!) I really feel like it’s craycray to pay full price for Christmas stuff. I refuse to do it anymore!!  (I’m Christmas shopping bourghie now.) All in all, I don’t think I’ve spent over $250 for ALL my Christmas decor, including a TREE!

I can’t wait for Christmas 2012!! Where have you found good Christmas deals in your area?


House Tour

So…here’s my place, room by room. I can’t wait to make it more….ME!

From the dining area, here's a view of the foyer, living room, half bath (red), and kitchen.

The dining area with its fabulous exposed brick and huge windows

The stairway and the downstairs hallway

Master Bedroom (there's a HUGE closet behind those doors)

Guest Bedroom #1

Downstairs Guest Bathroom

Office/Guest Bedroom #2

Me twirling around still in disbelief that this beautiful place is MINE!

New Year. New Blog

Posted on

Hey y’all!

OMG! It’s been forever since I was on the blog scene. My first blog was actually a class requirement back when I was in ad school. Considering the fact that I’m a writer, I don’t really know why my blogging slowed and my vlogging picked up…probably because I’m SO DAMN FUNNY, but I digress. This blog is completely different than any other I’ve done. This one will be all about the decorating and DIY projects I’ll be attempting around my first place—a duplexed condo in Chicago, IL that I closed on in September, 2011.

The building: A gorgeous gray stone

Jumping for joy in my new place after I closed!

I’ll be posting here and doing some DIY videos on YouTube (that I’ll be posting here, too, of course) so that you guys can all be inspired to do things in your own homes. And hopefully this will motivate me to get some projects done around this place.

You can call me Tracie, but my family calls me TracieMae. And we’re all family in here.

Welcome to mi casa! And here’s to all of our future DIY fun!


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