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After-Christmas Christmas Haul

Yep, it’s January 12th and I’m still thinking about Christmas. Shopping for Christmas, that is!! I ordered HELLA (read: a lot of) ornaments recently from Home Depot. This box contains $260 worth of ornaments and other Christmas accoutrement, like a tree topper, that I bought for just $58. I found that I really like Martha Stewart’s line of ornaments. They are classy and trendy at the same time—a difficult feat! There is nothing better than getting a deal on stuff you know you’re going to need in the future.

My Christmas goodies!

In addition to this box, I got loads of Christmas wrapping paper from Kohls, Target, and World Market. World Market is a awesome place for ethnic-patterned wrapping paper. I was in heaven when I went there.

The first 4 rolls on the left are from World Market. The patterns are BEAUTIFUL!!!

I also got this awesome doormat from Target that I kinda want to put out now! *giggles*

This is something I'd see at someone else's front door and say, "That's so cute!"

I know y’all are thinking…WAIT! Tracie…do you even have a tree? BOOM!!!

My 9' Foot Pre-Lit Christmas Tree from Lowe's (picture swiped from Lowe'

I sure do!  I drove all the way to Lowe’s in Schererville, Indiana (about 40 minutes away from Chicago) to purchase this 9-foot, pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. Originally priced $350, I paid $78 (includes tax). It was 80% OFF!!! I really don’t know how tall the ceilings are in my condo—I tried to throw a measuring tape up to the ceiling and the highest I could get it before the tape fell over and I gave up  was 11’8″. There was still a good bit of space left so I’m gonna “guesstimate” and say I have 12.5 or 13 foot ceilings. So this 9-foot tree won’t look like a behemoth in my living area. It’ll look AMAZEBALLS.

The only things I still need to buy are garland and wreaths for my fireplace and front entryway. I saw some good garland deals at Michaels recently. And I totally think I can DIY a wreath. (I smell a future project!) I really feel like it’s craycray to pay full price for Christmas stuff. I refuse to do it anymore!!  (I’m Christmas shopping bourghie now.) All in all, I don’t think I’ve spent over $250 for ALL my Christmas decor, including a TREE!

I can’t wait for Christmas 2012!! Where have you found good Christmas deals in your area?



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  1. Lemme get one box of ornaments for like 3 dollas. Sharing is caring.

  2. this is what i should have done too…after christmas sale shopping for nx yr. we have a similar tree but much shorter. i’m thinking pink and silver for 2012 christmas. you got some gr8 bargains.


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